Ligovskoï is a Paris-based electronic music project working across both visual and sonic media. Founded in 2010 by Nikolaï Azonov and Valerio Selig, they oscillate between ambient, drone and experimental. They create touching, minimalist and cinematographic atmospheres, using both acoustic and digital tools such as synthesizers, voices, field recordings and sampling. In 2011, the parisian label Silicate invited them to contribute to “Outland”, a compilation project inspired by the 1983 science fiction film by Peter Hyams. This lead them to give their very first live performance at Kobe in Ivry-Sur-Seine, a music space run by members of dscrd, and thus began the collaboration with Dement3d. This materialized in 2014 with “Dilip”, an 8-track double EP and "Mana" in 2016, a 9-track double EP. On stage, Ligovskoï’s A/V live performances integrate minimal and immersive video works, inviting the audience to a contemplating experience of deep recollection, both profound and hypnotic. For now on, they also orchestrate their sound and visual materials into immersive installations.
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